Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Peeping in - sayin' hello :3

Hi guys!

I  hope aaaaall of you had a wonderfull christmas! It came and went so fast... Did you get some good presents?
I received a pair of earrings from my parents and brother. They're really pretty daisy earrings :3
And from my brother I also recieved a painting, very nice of him :3 I see him become more and more creative as he grow up (I like to think that I influenced him - :P)
From my aunt and uncle I recieved a giftcard to a very broad drug store chain in Denmark - Matas. Oh all those things Im going to buy - I CAN'T WAIT!
From my father in law, I got copics :3 ......!!!!!! Need I say more? :D
My grandma thinks that I will be happier with a gift that I could buy for myself, from her I received money - of course spend on copics... xD (they're on their way to me!)

My boyfriend wanted to grant my long wish of getting a helix piercing done, so Im gonna get pierced this week :3 yay!
Though Christmas is stressing, and 3 days in a row where Im supposed to gather for social events is quite challenging for me, but I made it, and for 5 days I've been doing very little, which gave me the opportunity to relax and regain some energy. Yesterday I experienced the itch to draw, which I hadn't felt in a long time.
I have been on to this sketch of Kyoko Mogami from skip beat, when she is her role as Setsuka Heel. I just never really finished the sketch..... Yesterday I felt that it had to be finished, and so I did. It turned out really great, though it took time for me to actually sketch the rest out and line it xD

Though I would have liked the hair to be a little better, I really like this one.. and I'm glad I finally got to finish it. 
Do any of you read the series "Skip beat"? I must say it is probably my favorite manga. I have never laughed so hard while reading before, and you really can't help but love Kyoko! It is my most favorite manga/anime female character! 

It's very close to the last day of 2014. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Though I have accompliced quite a deal this year, I also feel that I went from almost undefeatable to vulnerable. I was really at a high peek at some point, and a really low peek. And I guess i'll just have to get up and walk once again. This social anxiety-thing really takes quite hard on ones strength and the fact that I can't accept that I don't do everything 100% tires me out, and cause a lot of trouble - like having to stay out from school sick. I hope for 2015 to be the year, where I learn to manage my study and learn to control my desire to be "perfect" all the time.
As of now - I have no idea how I can pull that off... 
I will have a meeting with a psychologist AND getting extra help to my study management from a SPS counselor, which is a offer to people with difficulties that might be in their way of their study, like anxiety. 
I hope 2015 it going to be the year, where I kick anxiety's butt and finally get it into my brain that no human being can be at their 100% 24/7 and it is okay for me to be less than perfect. Well I do understand that this is how it works, I somehow just don't "believe it".. Idk xD

TAKE CARE PEOPLE! If you, as us in Denmark, play with fireworks at 00:00 01/01, DO NOT BLOW OFF ANY FINGERS OR ARMS OR WHATEVER. Please stay in one piece okay? I hope you get to 2015 safely, likely also staying safe after we reached 2015, thank you.

I wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you have an awesome 2015! Let's rock the new year :3   

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