Monday, June 17, 2013

The end of finals is within reach!

Hi everyone :D I only got 3 examines back (Psychology, Ancient Greek history and history)
I had Danish oral final today ^^ I got a C.. That good :D
So the results is so far:
General study preparing (A Preparation for uni) A!
English: D
Spanish: E
Biology (going to tell you about that in a minute) Fx
Danish C

Biology: My teacher had prepared a assignment for us to work on, we had 24 hours to prepare before going to the actual examine. But the thing is, it was different from what I had worked on.
I mean, the examines required me to know stuff I hadn't prepared, since the assignment didn't said I should work on that..
Stupid teacher <.< So They failed me! Even though there was stuff they said was really good.

Oh well.
Now it is over xD And soon I will graduate. And get my hat on :D In Denmark our hats are different.,d.Yms&psig=AFQjCNEdyK4zm0N47BUiyGQe423WYbsm_g&ust=1371551013707616

I have some art for you! And I bought a new webcam for you as well xD So now I can make good recording videos instead of that low quality xD

This one is with tinted charcoal ^^ I think I did pretty good :D

I... I'm... I'M SO PROUD!!! Look... I finally manage to do highlight and shadow in hair :D
Im soooo glad... Even though I failed with the skin on the chest (woops) I think it went pretty good
anyway :D 

hihi, My bf first attempt with manga. I think it went pretty good :D
He have NEVER drawn manga before.. Hell he couldn't even draw a dog xD
So I think he did pretty good!

That's all for now guys :-) I wanted to do a video of me drawing manga, but..
Even though Im finished with my examines in 9 days (YAAAAAAAY) I will get pretty busy afterward as well -.- Wednesday when I'm done, I will celebrate with family. Wednesday night I will go out partying with my friend.. Thursday I will be beaten by alcohol xD and probaly be at my BF's place..
Friday I will attend graduation ceremony, and attend my friend's graduation party..
Then I will be carting with my classmates (another Danish graduation tradition.. You will be driving around in an old military cart and shout and drink ... and stop at your classmates place to get food and drinks.. for 12 hours.. I'll be drinking.. Damn..)
And then Sunday, my dad wants us to go out to a market. 
Then MONDAY the 1st.. I might have time ^^
My own graduation party will be the 6 July..
Wish me luck with the examines!

Take care :-)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lelouch! And new art tools :D

Hi everyone!

I'm so worned out from those damn finals <.< I'm dying here!
English: D
Spanish: F

I'm glad for the F in Spanish but disappointed for the English D .... xD
Well... I guess it is because I know I can do better in English.. Stupid nervousness..
I was sure to fail in Spanish, BUT I PASSED!!!! YAAAY!!!
I can't talk it at all xD lol..

I was out buying my friend her graduating gift ^^ She knows the blog so I can't reveal it..
I will tell you later!

I was out shopping with my mother, and bought some clothes, and art tools.
Derwent tinted charcoal and black paper (haven't tried the black paper yet...)
But I tried the tinted charcoal and made a fanart of a fanart xD
I drew Lelouch from code gears with help from Sophiechans Lelouch ^^

His right eye got too big (first realizing that now.. damn)
Tinted charcoal and inktense pencils (fir the eyes) from Derwent
All in all, I think the charcoal is really amazing to work with :D
I just need to do it on better paper.. (just used sketchbook paper, baaaad idea)

I hope you like it ( a little.... ) 
See you guys again when I find some time :D

Happy Tuesday!
Take care

Friday, June 7, 2013

I should study

I should have read some today.. I got too high on my A <.< damn it
Oh well.. I have been drawing a lot ^^ I can't stop!
Lately I have been trying to practice highlights in hair, but I'm seriously bad at it <.<
Oh well.. I got one I think turned out good enough, still a long way to go!

All of them went the right way this time! hurrah for blogspot xD

28/05 2013
Copics and promakers

He got a little dark xD Still cute though..
Copic and promarkers
04/06 2013

copic and promarkers
The highlights didn't work out <.<
03/06 2013

Inspired from Sophiechan's character Lia.
Check out her youtube channel:
She is very talented
06/06 2013
Copic and promarkers

copic and promarkers
06/06 2013

Copic and promarkers
I like the hair :O
07/06 2013 (It's already 00:20 here in Denmark! Better head to bed soon...)
Need practice with the expressions as well
05/06 2013
copic and promarkers

That was all for you guys! I hope you liked it.. 
I kinda find it funny that i said to you that I would be busy and here I'm uploading 7 drawings for you..
Guess I can't be too busy for drawing ;-)

Take care everyone!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

First oral exam done and several copics richer ;-)

Hello everybody!

Sorry for the lag of updates.. But as I have told you, my examines keep me so busy :(
I'm done with the writing examines, and had my first oral today.
I got 12 (which is the highest grade giving in Denmark, it is equal to an A in the ECTS scale.
I'm very proud! Next oral exam will be this Monday and it is in English. I'm quite confident about that one, but no matter how sure I am in my case, I'll always be nervous.. damn nerves!

I got mail today!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!
Some copic sketch markers arrived for me :')
I have some collection now! 33 markers! woooa :D
See! Im so so so happy! My current collection consist of:
E000, E00, E01, E02, E04, E07, E11, E18, E21, E34, E37, E47, E49, E50, E51, E53, E57, E71, E77, E97, YR0000, YR00, R000, R00,R12,R32, B60,C1,C3,C5,C7,C9 and 100
The reason behind I have so many E colors and skin colors in general is because my intention is to use Copics to skin and hair. So until I have enough money, I will continue use my promarkers ^^
I have 105.. So I better use them xD haha

oh! I need you to tell you my great discover. You know what a white pen corrector does right?
Paint white of course Tina -.- dorrh!!!.. Oh well, but you are also familiar with the texture right?
Pretty creamy, messy, never-want-to-dry-completely sort of.
Well! I found this really cool ink pen in white which paint white, but does not smudge at all!
Do your self a favor, fellow artists, and buy this amazing pen! mine is a "Hybrid 10mm ball medium"
It is a: Pigment gel ink pen in white

It does looks like this a lot..

I hope you're doing okay :-) I will opload art soon.. I've been practicing a bit!

Take care :-)