Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lelouch! And new art tools :D

Hi everyone!

I'm so worned out from those damn finals <.< I'm dying here!
English: D
Spanish: F

I'm glad for the F in Spanish but disappointed for the English D .... xD
Well... I guess it is because I know I can do better in English.. Stupid nervousness..
I was sure to fail in Spanish, BUT I PASSED!!!! YAAAY!!!
I can't talk it at all xD lol..

I was out buying my friend her graduating gift ^^ She knows the blog so I can't reveal it..
I will tell you later!

I was out shopping with my mother, and bought some clothes, and art tools.
Derwent tinted charcoal and black paper (haven't tried the black paper yet...)
But I tried the tinted charcoal and made a fanart of a fanart xD
I drew Lelouch from code gears with help from Sophiechans Lelouch ^^

His right eye got too big (first realizing that now.. damn)
Tinted charcoal and inktense pencils (fir the eyes) from Derwent
All in all, I think the charcoal is really amazing to work with :D
I just need to do it on better paper.. (just used sketchbook paper, baaaad idea)

I hope you like it ( a little.... ) 
See you guys again when I find some time :D

Happy Tuesday!
Take care

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