Monday, June 16, 2014


Hi guuuuuys!!

So a lot of you do finals or are done with finals right?
Have it been going well?
It have for me!!! So I took this math course right? for 4 months. And it ended last Thursday.
I have completed both written and oral exams (finals)
Idk about the written yeeeet........ buuuut I got a B in oral.... B IN FREAKING MATH! xD
Do I need to say I feel sooooo happy?
But.. Im still stressing out.. <.< Im like "MATH! STUDY MATH!" and ... yeah I'm already done <.<
is it normal to stress out, when it's been so many days since? Sigh.

Anyway... I can't stand myself for the time being... Sooo... I was listining to Adam Lambert, always though he was somewhat hot.. (Got a thing with guys with make-up on) so I was watching the live show from When he sings fever.. and then there is this FREAKING CUTE guy... and then they just kiss O.O and  I was like... WHO IS THAT GUITARIST!? So I found out.. and I've been fangirling all over him since -.-
I mean... I even DREAMT about him this night O.O I mean... what? STOP
I can't handle it xD The last time I was so *inlove* with a guy was "Chad Murray Michael" ... and that was bad then.. I was 15, so it's excusable.. but DAMMIT TINA YOU'RE ALREADY FREAKING 21!
Stop fangirling like a teenager xD Jesus!
Manga have ruined me... Rather Yaoi have gotten to me <.< WHY just WHY xD
it's kind of embarrassing to think that I find it hot...... Anyway.. TOMMY JOE IS SO FREAKING F****** CUTEEE!!!
I could kiss him O.O No.. I could do him.. omg <.< Baaaaaah ......... Stupid ...... BAKA
See? Why i can't stand myself? I even have a boyfriend.. Lol..
Oh man... It's been long since I was caught so bad by a Celebrity. Oh well.. He is handsome, and sweet, and amazing, and talented, and... muuuaww...

(Psst... Tina? this is an art blog... you are supposed to talk about AHEM you know... art?)
OH YEAH OH YEAH!  Sorry about that ^^) .... Teeehee...
Woops! So.. art.. Let's see. So last was about the J pop con!
(Not art related either.. Geeez Tina!)
Wow.. Last art update was the challenge, eh? o.O
Okay.. so.. a lot to show!
So first... (Not in order of date of production) Mona lisa
My Grandma wanted one, so here it is :D

Yoite. With water color ^^

... <3 waaaaaah. Okay So i fan girl over Anime & manga characters too, but that's a different story from
real life humans.. tehe xD
Soushi from Inu x Boku. Im going to cosplay Ririchiyo at august!


reeen :3 Possible future manga character

Another ren, with different hair style xD

I watched spirited away (FAVORITE MOVIE FROM Hayao Miyazaki)

This is.. THIS TOMMY JOE! :3 waaaaaaaaaaaaah..
Omg.. (-.-)

The guys from uta no prince-sama!

Last: Elf character ^^ Original design :D

I bought a new sketch book, and sketched bunch of bad drawings XD
Gonna show it later on..

So.. I hope you could stand me xD haha .. I hope this... "tommy joe fever" will go down soon.

See you guys XD