Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Changes in life.

Hi guys ^^

So here I am again, a month later.... I know.. it is very bad of me not updating properly...
Sorry :( But I did experience some serious changes in life..
You see, I am sick. Mentally sick. Like, not just a little, but a whole lot actually.
I suffer from fierce anxiety. Both panic attacks and social anxiety. I also suffer from low self esteem.
So it is not easy right now for me. I graduated from High school (Just barely) this summer, and have had to stay at home for like 2,5 month in order to actually get the stress out of my system.
Then I took action. Because if I stay home, my social anxiety will get worse, which I don't want it to be <.<
So, I started on some sort of  course.. With other people who have problems in which detains them from working or go to school. So I will be attending this course-like thing for 8 weeks, and then we will review my situation ^^ Who knows, I might be able to get a real job some time soon! :D
In this course, I will learn to be more sociable, I will learn to work together with others as a team (without the pressure of grades and stuff) and I will be able to wake up every morning and leave my comfort zone.
I hope this will help cure my anxiety ^^

Anyway, I didn't intend to talk that much about it xD
So on with the artwork!
Now that I actually earn money (I get social aid, while I'm attending this course) so I might actually get to buy some waterproof ink for my pens.. But I'm kind of scared to use any money, because I didn't have any for like 2,5 month! So It have suddenly become weird to be able to spend money all of a sudden xD

Anyway.... I haven't really moved onward with my manga... I really don't know whether I should draw it on computer or in hand.. The thing is that I still sucks at the tablet! I know.. more practise.. So right now I am in a place where I have to consider my oppertunities. I did think about doing the whole thing in hand, and then tone on the computer, but our scanner don't work right know <.< So I'll have to consult my father about it yet again.. otherwise, I just have to befriend my dear tablet. ^^


So, right now I am in place where I have to figure out where to begin actually.. I hope It will come to me soon ;)

My newest art work for you:
This is Haru-chan :D If you don't know, he is from the anime "free! Iwatobi swim club"

Rin Okumura, from blue exorcist ^^ or Ao no exorcist if you want the japanese title.

My oc!!!! This is Kazuma Utah :D

Kazuma Utah again

Random dude (I was practicing line work)

This is second attempt on my tablet. I think It went okay..
Not very happy with the outcome.

So this will be all till next time!
See you, take care!