Friday, April 24, 2015


Hi guys!

I finished first week of "I'm-back-to-college-after-having-had-to-take-time-off-for-½-a-year" :3 I was ... tough... Anyway! I do however feel refreshed and happier after started again. All the worries and feelings of being useless is gone :3 So that is nice!
I just finished watching Parasyte today - god it was good! So of course I couldn't refrain from drawing Shinichi Izumi and Migi :3 Waaaaaah.. I also have a bunch of sketches and stuff xD

Youtube video will be up tomorrow!

This is a random colored pencil drawing xD And yes.. his shoulder is supposed to look like that xD

A "not-done-yet" sketch xD

A little bit of realism

He ended up looking kinda old XD

Lips tutorial from Mark Crilley!

Nose realism :D

An idea i had in my head, that turned out completely different.
It happens sometimes sadly.

He looks mildly confrused. Or he has seen some sh*t XD

Nearest furture!

Hi guys :D
I'm sorry im so inactive.... I started my study again (occupational therapy) and it's hard being back xD I do however want to film a video this weekend... and I have a tutorial unedited and another video unedited xD ... Aaand I have a lot of sketches to upload too.. Damn :P Okay, i'll be working hard this weekend! I know I said I wanted to do something special at 50 subs on youtube, but I want to wait till I get a 100 :-) Im on 78 now! Yay! Okay - see you guys :D BTW Im thinking of starting another channel for review/talking/random stuff :P I'll let you know when that happens.