Friday, June 7, 2013

I should study

I should have read some today.. I got too high on my A <.< damn it
Oh well.. I have been drawing a lot ^^ I can't stop!
Lately I have been trying to practice highlights in hair, but I'm seriously bad at it <.<
Oh well.. I got one I think turned out good enough, still a long way to go!

All of them went the right way this time! hurrah for blogspot xD

28/05 2013
Copics and promakers

He got a little dark xD Still cute though..
Copic and promarkers
04/06 2013

copic and promarkers
The highlights didn't work out <.<
03/06 2013

Inspired from Sophiechan's character Lia.
Check out her youtube channel:
She is very talented
06/06 2013
Copic and promarkers

copic and promarkers
06/06 2013

Copic and promarkers
I like the hair :O
07/06 2013 (It's already 00:20 here in Denmark! Better head to bed soon...)
Need practice with the expressions as well
05/06 2013
copic and promarkers

That was all for you guys! I hope you liked it.. 
I kinda find it funny that i said to you that I would be busy and here I'm uploading 7 drawings for you..
Guess I can't be too busy for drawing ;-)

Take care everyone!

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