Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 2015 ?

Time runs fast - whether you like it or not it just runs at full speed, till it reaches it's destination end. Wow that was depression xD sorry about that!
How can one feel stressed out when one doesn't have any plans the next week? I mean.. I can't sleep because I feel like there is 93432073829 things to do, and when I think about it, it's not that much..
It's probably because 50% of the stuff is stuff that I am in no condition to manage right now, but it still lingers in my head. Damnit.

ANYWAY! (---This is an art blog Tina... an Artblog-----)
I haven't been drawing a lot the last year or so, which is sad, because I really want to improve!
I realized I haven't shown you my sketchbook that i have at my bf's place :O ..... That's bad...
Aaand I realized I missed on sharing other artworks as well O.O .. Geez.. xD

Okay.. Im starting off with my youtube channel...
A Christmas one.. Okay I for one should know just how annoying it is with christmas thing AFTER christmas, but.. yeah... you can save it for next christmas to watch :3?

And one where I eat random japanese treats XD
I will recieve one pack each month, so I kinda plan on doing review every month :3

On to my sketch book that I apparently haven't showed you guys :O

First... weird drawing.. xD

Some Naruto/Sasuke with poorly done lineart xD

Another weird one.

Unfinished xD

Unfinished wolf tutorial from Mark Crilley.

Duude... :D

Poorly attempt on drawing Rick from The Walking Dead in cartoon style. Sorry for the picture angle. It's annoying, but I can't turn it -.-

Ghost town "Wasted" done from
Really awesome artist!

OC: Misaki

OC Takao

Sideview practice

Oh god I love him XD He looks SO Creepy and weird XD hahaha

Kyoko Magami inspired

He looks like an alien.. XD

Realism practice :3

Chibi <3

Practice from some book. She looks like a doll.. xD

Figure practice, the head went WAY too small xD

From Corpse party

From corpse party

Digital :3

Random dude I drew few days ago.

Haru.... Went terrible wrong

For Sophie-chans contest back in September :3

Request from my aunt back in the summer

For my novel "the shattered image"

PROUD! Demon girl :3

For a long time I've been wanting to try "Art journaling".
So I bought this starter pack-thingy yesterday, because I had no idea what I was gonna do xD
And thus the idea just floaded from me. And this is what I ended up with. I kinda like my process in this, because I go from "What would I like?" To "I want a quote" and then it's just "oh and this could look cool!" and so I just end up with something xD
The signs are from alchemy and I just randomly found them xD

Work in progress.
So I decided to try out my new camera setup using my digital camera instead of my webcam.
Problem was that memory card is so small, that after 20 min or so I had to transfer the files to my computer... And apparently my batteries aren't great, so I kinda used up 3 batteries while I was recording this, and with no charger, I was left with no camera..
So I decided to use my phone.. Though I don't have ANY stand for it, so I kinda have to create one using two lamps, and omg it was just bad XD so I decided to stop and start again today with recharged batteries (borrowed a charger)
So the next youtube video is gonna be.... Yeah xD idk what to say.. 
Keep an eye on youtube and it will be out some time next week :)

That was all for now. Take care!

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