Sunday, August 11, 2013

Home from holiday!

Hello everyone! have you enjoyed the summer?

I have! I have had the sweet opportunity to relax and get my stress level down :-)
I actually got a little tanned this summer! that's rare for me (My skin is naturally fair and sensitive, so I tend to get summer rash..) But this year I skin went a bit darker, sooo happy!
Oh well.. I wasn't here to tell you about my skin though.. xD

I went to Jylland last week (which is the main land of Denmark, I live on one of the islands)
It was fun! Went with my family and BF :P
I went to an awesome art shop there! is their website..
The store was rather messy, but they had SO much stuff! I could have stayed there for hours ^_^
They had shinhan TOUCH markers, but only the regulars, not brush nip ones ._.
But! they were still as awesome, as I though they would be :D I didn't buy any, though..
Since they only had the fine point nip.
Oh! BTW, I don't remember if I already have talked about this.. But then you get to read it again then :P
I asked the producers of STYLEFILEMARKERS whether or not they would come out with a brush nip pen, and when. They gave me awesome news, till September they will release a stylefilemarker with brush nip. They will also make replaceable nips and ink :D
This is great news for us europeans! at least for Danes.. Copic is very good, but really expensive (only due to import) which is sad..
And stylefilemarkers are just as good as, if not better than, copic markers.
I can't wait! Im so excited :D

So in Jylland, my art journey wasn't all that interesting.. I ended up only buy a sketch book and a model.. Not very exciting :P
Oh and yeah, some finepoint inking pens and bristol paper :D

This is my model. I wanted one, since I tend to do be very insecure about drawing body and positions. So I hope this guy can help me out! Especially now that I'm about to do a manga ^^ Which I will tell you on about later :P

This is the liners that I bought :P Or actually my dad bought them to me :D The reason for the two of them is missing, is because my Dad needed two ^^ So he got 0.5 and 0.3 one :P I got to choose which ones I would like hehe :P And since I already have three 0.5 and one 0.3 I figured he get them ^^ and they are the standard sizes, which he probably needs the most :P

This is my sketch book which I will bring with me whereever I go ^^

These are the three kinds of paper I resently got. They are all from different stores xD I promised you to talk about that store, remember? the one my stylefilemarkers are from ^^ Anyways, the big pad is a bristol paper pad from CANSON in A3 size. This one is bought from the store in Jylland, with the fine liners :P Also from my sweet dad! The one at the bottom to the left is a comic illustration manga pad from canson, this one is from Edinburgh artstore. The one to the right bottom is also bristol paper from Lana (I think it was called?) is was bought in that cool store from where my BF got the stylefile markers ^^

Okay, so that was from Jylland and some from the store, which I haven't told you about yet :O
Well, the stores name is CREAS, It is on Sealand in Demark, and have SO MUCH STUFF
They had everything an artist heart desire :P
A LOT OF COPICS and STYLEFILEMARKERS and other awesome markers :P
They also have free workshops :O
And lots and lots of paper! Which is were I found my bristol paper (finally!)
I tried the bristol with regular sketch pens, and it works amazing :D
So  happy!
In the store I also bough copic sketch R20 ^^

So as I mentioned at the picture text to the model/doll I am about to create my own manga.
I just have to decide whether I want to do it traditionally or digitally.. mhmm..
I do have the tools for digitally, but I'm still not very good with my tablet ._.
But I got the story figured out and the main character, the villian and the princess..
Well It's not about princes and princesses xD But It got some similar elements.
Anywas this is my main character Kazuma Utah, who lives on the Planet Cybath, which is a planet now know to the mankind ^^
I don't want to spoil the story yet! So you have to wait :P hehe
This is my main character:
SORRY ABOUT THE EYES! I didn't realize they would be dark <.< because I got no background.. So stupid.. Oh well.. Try and look on it here: a bit better:

This is my sweet Kazuma :D He is not very tall or strong build, so he easily gets confrused for being a girl, which he hates. His face features are also very cute/girlish ^^
He isn't very socialable and do not like to spend time with others. he is a stray cat!
He has a bit of a temper and can act a bit ignorant to strangers, but only because he has trust issues due to his past...
Anyway, Kazuma is a very loyal and sweet guy, when you get to know him ^^

This is my first good outcome with the tablet :D This is only due to practice for a month! I think thats pretty fast xD

I actually researched for my chances to release my manga with a publishing house, and chances are pretty good for me to be able to release my manga in book form as well as digital!
I don't know when this is going to be... I ahven't started storyboards yet, so it might be 3 months a half a year till I can get it done, now that I have to find myself a job.. I don't tend to live off by my manga ^^ It's only hobby.. It also depends on the publishing house and my chances for getting it released. We will see ^^ of course I will keep updating you ^^

I have so much to tell, that I forget! I tend to get engulfed by each and every thing I want to tell you.
Lucky me, I wrote down what I wanted to talk about, so you wont get spared for any good detail :P hehe

So was in Edinburgh, Scotland, this week, I came home this friday ^^
In Edinburgh I visited Edinburgh art store. Which was a pretty small store, like most of the art stores there, but they had many things! I found copic markers ciao, which they had a whole shell with!
Or stand..  you know copic markers officially stand.. thingy.. hehe xD
So I went crazy and bought TWENTY markers! There was 10% off the whole amout, if you bought 10 ^^ hehe.. And it was only 3,5 pounds pr marker :O! (30 DKK, 5,4 US Dollars, 4 euro)
In Denmark you get them for 4 pounds (36  DKK, 6,5 US dollars, 4,8 euro) as cheapest. PLUS I got 10% off per 10 markers I bought which mean I saved 3,5 pounds for 10 markers, (their price) and total of what i would normally spend I saved 14 pounds all in all (it would have cost me 14 EXTRA for buying them in Denmark!) thats a lot of money you know! (14 pounds: 121 DKK, 21,7 US dollars, 16,25 euro)
I'm a poor unemployed graduated High schooler, so this means alot to me! (I don't seem poor, with all the stuff I bought now, do I? Actually I celebrated my graduation and birthday with family, where I got some money ^^)
In the art store I also bought the comic paper ^^ Can't wait to use it!
I also visited some other art stores, but didn't bought anything.

Oh BTW in the store, in Jylland, I also bought pen holders and pen nips ^^ a mapping pen and two other pens to draw with, which looked similar to G-pen and saji pen..
And holder for them ^^ But even so, I'm still planing on go buy real comic pens..
I might be going crazy in the deleter manga shop, but I will have to wait till I get money.
I might be using 1000 DKK (180 US dollars, 115 pounds, 135 euros) or more. PLUS I have to pay extra taxes because I live in Europe <.< so it might end up being almost the double amount -.-
Anyway. this will be my next buy! Or copic markers.. I do need some colors.

I want to show you (in pictures) the things that I bought:
 So this is ALL of the copics that I have now. I think it is 50 or 55, don't remember. The blank spaces represent the markers that I still need ^^

 All my markers ^^

The markers that I bought in Edinburgh :-)

Okay, So this is my book that I write aaaall of my manga ideas. I have two mangas that I want to work on ^^ But first it will be the one Kazuma is appearing in ^^ 
You might remember my character design from my blog from MAY 22 2013
She is the main character in the first manga I thought of, but I feel more attached to the one with Kazuma. Actually, I came up with it, because I had this wierd dream, and when I woke up I couldn't stop thinking WHAT A GREAT IDEA FOR A MANGA! So I went ahead and wrote everything down from the dream, and now I have rewrote it so it fits for a story ^^
anyway, the little book with the english flags are from the airport in Edinburgh. I do know that it's saying "I love england!" but I though it was so cute that I needed to have it... It is so me <.<
But It really is handy, since it is small. I have already taken notes in it (for instance, the points that I want to write about in this blog!) And copic markers that I want and another idea for a manga.

Speaking of manga, I also went to "Fobidden planet" in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, and ended up buying Bakuman, Monkey high and Skip beat. I bought Bakuman 1-19 (only missing 3, 14 and 17) and Monkey high 1-5 (only missing 3) and skip beat from 1-15 ^^
I love reading manga, but it is also for research for my own manga. I need to get more familiar with build of a manga ^^

So guys. I only have one last thing for you. Or actually two.
 This is Takumi Usui from Kaichö wa Maid-sama! ^^ He is cute.. This is my first attempt on the lovely bristol paper.. I REALLY recommend it! so amazing!

This is Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basket. I did it before holiday started :-) Stylefile markers and copics ^^

So this was everything for now :O Sorry for the long post.. I hope I have more time now to update ^^

I know I said I would go to Farous cigar store, but I didn't do so when I was in Creas ^^ My BF and I will go next week together though :D I will tell you about it!

Take care :D

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