Sunday, July 21, 2013

One new piece and a bit of talk ;-)

Hellooooo everyone :D
It is so nice in Denmark these days! So sunny and warm :) I love it!
I hope you out there enjoy the weather (..If you have good weather as well, that is!)
Don't forget to use this nice summer opportunity to create some awesome art ^^
I know from myself that this is the time of year that I feel most energetic and inspired!

 Oh well.. I drew something last night. I was irritated that I had lost some of my grip on the traditionally drawing after I practiced so much on my tablet.. Which I still sucks at, dammit! It's so annoying xD
I guess I will need a lot of habituate to..

This is raw material.. Haven't edited the light or anything else on it.
Sorry guys :P So this is the raw picture with all of it's mistakes, I love it anyway ^^
I actually had to do it twice, because I messed the first one up.. But it was only a sketch so no worries ^^
I'm happy with this outcome!
If you haven't guessed already, it is fanart of Tomoe from the anime kamisama hajimemashita :P
It is really good, go check it out! I'm reading the manga now ^^ which is even better!
But the anime have some very nice aspects as well :P
I used both stylefilemarkers, promarkers and copic markers on this one xD

This week I'm going to stay a lot at my boyfriend and his fathers place, so I will be close to copenhagen, hehehe :D And I will probably got here too..
There is this artstore my BF and his dad went to, when he bought my gift (stylefilemarkers 72, A-mainset)
And his dad said that since he has vacation off from work, he would show me the store :-)
My BF does not have vacation yet ._. Doesn't matter though, he will have vacation soon enough :D on Thursday.. Geez I always confuse Tuesday and Thursday with each other <.< 

Anyway... I'm really looking forward to the artstore trip! I will tell you about it ^^ and the name.. Because I don't remember it's name right now.. oops..
I'm also planning on go in "Faraos cigar" which is another store in Copenhagen that sells mangas cheap :D Gotta go there! I couldn't find it last time I went.. So I hope I will be able to next time.

I might be busy from the  28th July to the 6th of August.. I will be on a trip first to Jylland (the mainland in Denmark.. I live on an Island xD "Zealand" in english and "Sj√¶lland" in Danish :P)
Then I will go to the UK, Scotland in Edinburgh. Can't wait!
And then I might travel to Turkey.. Not sure yet :O But it would be awesome if I could..

I will take my leave now.. My dad request food xD hahah..

See you, and take care!

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