Friday, July 19, 2013


Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack on updates ._.
I haven't really created that much since the last time, because I have practiced drawing on the tablet a lot ^^
I still sucks at it though... But as we often say in Denmark "Practicing makes perfect" and I know I just have to keep hanging in ^^
The problem is though, that it kind of keeps me from drawing traditionally.. and that is bad! I mean, I tried creating some traditionally artwork some days ago, and it didn't went as well as usually.. I struggled with parts I normally go fine with :/
I guess I will have to use more time on my artwork, both digitally and traditionally every day.. Otherwise I'm afraid that I will completely fall out of practice!

I have two drawings for you though ^^
They have been on Deviantart for some time now, I'm so sorry I tend to update my deviantart more than this blog.. The reason is that here I need to create a complete blog out of it, while on Deviant I can just post drawings :P I promise to be better to update in the future!

Here's my to new creations:
(There is more than two.. I know.. I'm so sorry, I didn't know I was THAT far behind!!!
Ohhh.. I'm so embarrassed right now, sorry guys! I will make it up to you.. by showing you a drawing that not even Deviant's knows!)

Fanart: Kimi ni todoke.
I used copics xD

Fanart: sword art online.
The neck got kinda long, otherwise I think it went well!
Copics.. And white gel pen :P 

Copics and white gel pen


I really like this one, even though the nose and colorbones got wierd.
I practised expressions ^^

Anyway, this was to my moms coworker.
She bought me this beautiful rose made out of soap! It smells really nice!
And she gave me money as well.. Due to my graduation.
Very nice of her! and since she loves cats, I wanted to return something to her :D
The kitty says "Meow, thank you for the gift sweet Maneewa(her name)" in danish ^^

This was all for now.
Take care! 

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