Sunday, July 7, 2013

New stuff!

So yesterday I was celebrating my graduation ^^
I received a lot of wonderful presents! My sweet boyfriend had 12 presents for me O.o
A lot of them was samples on different art tools :D!
I have tried all of them today, so I could figure out if there was anyone of the tools that I could use later on ^^

I received a sample from Schmincke, which is german, with two acryllic colors (a yellow and a green)
They were really nice! Good quality! (I don't have a picture of testing them...)
There was this white one, which is named "finest".. It blended and covered  the other acryllic REALLY good!

Then I also received some aquarelle, one in tube (a red one) and one as classic watercolor (a yellow one)
I really likes the classic one, it was amazing! I really consider buying them.. It was also from Schmincke.

Then I recieved some oil colors. I have for a long time wanted to try it out! Well.. Now I have.. And.. Never again! hahha..
That was SO messy and really hard to get of my hands <.< I couldn't really clean my pencils either :(
So.. Never again. But now I have tried it! The color was pretty amazing, really strong outcome, but.. Not worth the job cleaning afterwards ^^

Then I received some acrylic ink, and that I haven't tried yet. But It looks really cool :D

Then... A lot of drawing stuff xD There was 2 "finest extra-soft artists pastels" from Schmincke.
OH MY GOD they were AWESOME!!! Really messy to draw with, but easy to wash off hands ^^
That was really cool! I consider buying them... They are oil based :-)
Also received some other pastels from Caran D'ache, which is a brand from Switzerland.
It was a sample packages with a pastel pencil in green, and two pastel cubes. It was awesome as well!
I'm not sure which material it is made of....
But they were really awesome!
I also received wax pastels. And they are pretty awesome too! Not very blendable, but really colorrich :D
They aren't messy at all, and thats really great!

Last, I have Luminance colorpencil... Do I need to tell how much I love it?
The color, the texture, the grip.. I love it!!!!
It is wax based, and i tried to blend the pastel pencil and luminance together but didn't really work xD Don't know if it is because the pastel isn't blendable with the luminance or if the luminance isn't very blendable due to the wax... But it sure was really great!

For a long time I have considered buy Faber castell Polochromos, which is oil based, but know I don't know weather I should buy Luminance instead..
Well, gotta research some more xD

I also received stylefile markers from my BF, in a 72 edition :O The cashier said to him, that it should be better than copic and less expensive.. The problem in Denmark is that, copics are made in Japan and send to USA and THEN send to Europe... Which makes the price in europe very high :-(
But stylefile markers are made in Germany and therefore they don't cost as much, because the transport isn't so far ^^
They don't have a brush nib though.. But I decided to keep them, since their ink is REALLY AWESOME!
Very rich, and they don't stink xD I compared Promarker, Copic and Stylefile marker and I must say..
I liked the stylefile marker the best.
I compared the big brush on all of them, and I must say that stylefile wins!
It is only sad that it don't have a brush nib, that had made it perfect! But the little hard nib is also very handy :-) it is smaller than the promarkers and easier to handle. And last I got A3 marker paper from my sweet dear BF :D He seriously spoil me too much..
For my birthday I received speakers for computer, cinema tickets and an awesome night out with friends, where he ordered a private table, a bottle of vodka and plenty of sodas xD Really awesome!
Now for graduation he buys me all this.. He must really love me!

Last of my artistic presents, but not least! was a graphic tablet... YES I GOT A GRAPHIC TABLET!!!! Wacom Bamboo Pen & touch manga edition. It is... SO awesome! I had a little tablet before (very poor, very bad..) so it is like a dream to use the bamboo! But I really need practice xD haha.

I don't know when I last updated my art? But I will soon put the latest up ^^ I seem to update Deviantart more than here.. Sorry guys.
Please check out my deviantart!

(Sorry if there is any type mistakes, I cut my finger really deep this morning, and it hurts like s**t...)

Take care!
The blue (from right): Luminance
The green next to it: pastel pencil from Caran D'ache
The blue pencil cube, also from Caran D'ache
The green pastel cube, Caran D'ache
The blue cylinder formed pastel, is from schimncke
The yellow cylinder formed next to, also Schmincke
second last from right is the wax pastel from caran D'ache
The last is also wax pastel from Caran D'ache.

Left: Oil colors.
Center: Aquarell colors (yellow and red in tube)
rigth: acryllic colors.

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