Friday, August 30, 2013

Update on my manga projects!

I also have a little artwork for you guys!
But first: my manga..

I actually have five ideas for mangas O.o some better than others..
I have three mangas that I really want to release.. The thing is that: two of them is actually shounen.
And I am not that good yet, so I can kick off an awesome battle manga, which I have to do in both of my shounen ._. So I kind a figured  that I might need to start off with my shoujo manga, even though it is the one that I wanted to do last >.< BECAUSE THEY OTHER TWOS ARE SOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD!
Okay.. Yeah, but I guess that's for the best :(
I want to owe everything good to my dear shounen mangas (even though I am more of a shoujo reader...)
Actually.. both of my shounen comes from two dreams I had while I slept.... Gotta love my brain for comming up with so good ideas xD
The new one of the shounen is actually one I dreamed this night! So as soon as I woke up I rushed to the computer and wrote down whatever aspect I remembered. Afterwords, I adjusted the story, so that it had the aspect a manga needs to have if it should get popular.
So first, I might need to start with my Shoujo work. I have no idea what to name it yet, but the story is pretty much set. I just need to create story boards and then I can create it.
It is about a transfer student who transfers from Denmark to USA in order to become a great swimmer ^^
I hope you guys will like it!

Characteristic for all of my mangas is that it is about love... all of them... So I guess the shounen is pretty much shoujo as well xD but the main characters is both guys and it have battle within it too!
My pure shoujo manga, also have sports... I see... I actually combine both shoujo and shounen in all three.. Hahah! Just realizing this now.
Oh well, maybe that makes it possible for me to catch both female and male audience with me ^^

I hope I can get to draw it soon, so I can realese it, but it might take some time, since I need to improve my artwork first.. like a lot.. :-( ... But I think throughout the manga that I might be better in every aspect of drawing a manga ^^ But...  will probably have to redraw it a lot <.<
I hope you look forward to it, as much as I do!

My art work for you this time:
This is the poorest one... Her head got too big <.<
I actually have something more for you, which is borrowed from another drawer,
but I printed it, and did it myself though... I will upload it next time.

I wanted to test and see if I actually could draw a decent horse.. I thing I did well enough :D

Takumi-kun from maid-sama.
Gotta love him :D

Random anime girl. I like her ^^

that was all for this time :D Hope you enjoyed.. Take care!

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