Monday, May 20, 2013

update on bought art materials, and Hei from Darker than black!

Hello everyone ^^

Yesterday I went crazy in this amazing store in Copenhagen called "Tutetin&Koch".
They have nearly everything a artist desire! At least I couldn't think of a thing missing ;-)
So.. I bought my first Copic markers! How I wish I could have bougth the whole stand :-(
Well, I ended up buying quiet a different skin colors, since I had no idea of which ones to buy...
So now I have YR00, R00, E51, E21 and E02 for basic/blending.. And so I bought darker colors such as E71, E37 and E77. aaaaaand also a grey-scale pack with c1, c3, c5, c7 and 100(black).

the trip was spontanious so I couldn't really prepare for what colors to buy... anyway, I'm quite happy for the outcome though ^^ It was the ciao ones I bought, since I thought that the regular and sketch was too expencive.. I know that if you are being serious, you must likely should buy the best sutff, but on the other hand, it's not the tools that makes the artist ^^ And what I've heard from Copic users, the Ciao ones should be just fine :-)
I haven't tried them yet though :O I don't really know when I'm going to (probaly tomorrow or some time later on the week..?)
Anyway.. Other than the copic I've inhierted a interest for Old classic calligraphy pens :O!
I went ahead and bought someone fancy with feather! Some tip/nip thingy holders, pens.. thingy thing.. I have no idea what they are called! And Some ink (of course)... I tried to write calligraphy letters with it and it looks incredible!!!

My boyfriend is annoying.. He mock me with my blog <.< Sitting next to me and making fun of what I'm writing ._. ..... even after I drew him "Hei" from darker than black :-(

Well, I'm going to show the drawing :D

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