Monday, May 13, 2013

Practising manga

So I really wanted to become a better manga artist.
I don't think it went quite well these last days though :(
I thought I could skip the guidelines, but I guess I'll be needing them for a while longer.
I try practicing drawing in freehand and out of free mind. It's rather hard though!
I have gotten comfortable with male manga better now!
I still need to work hard on that still though.
So I'll be uploading my last manga pieces (I haven't really drawn anything else good lately..)

I'm sorry that the pixel quality is worse than normal, but I wanted to upload them quicker, and used my webcam.

A3 drawing of a male manga.
07/05 2013
Used: Bleedproof paper from Letraset and promarkers.

Drawn today : 13/05-13
My hand wasn't too steady today. So I drawn out of line -.-
a4, bleedproof paper and promarkers

I'm not sure what kind of paper I used with this one.. But it is rather thick xD
Drawn the 6th of may 2013
Used: Derwent charcoal, compressed (light) to fill the page, charcoal pencils in dark, medium and light.
1 titened charcoal (white)

I don't know.. she looks like some anorexia girl xD
Drawn today, 13/06 2013
Used: colorsoft from Derwent and drawn on Derwent A4 sketching book.,

08/05 2013
Bleedproofpaper,  + promarkers.
I tried color his hair black, with highlight and stuff, but it just got wierd, because I don't have a dark enough grey :( 

As you see, most of the characters got rather wierd eyes.. I'm practising drawing them in a crooked way, but it sorta just wents wrong O.o ..
Well. More practise to me then!

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