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Hello everyone!

I created this blog some time ago, but I never got to actually start on it.
Sorry - my bad.
In this first draft I would like to tell you a little bit about how my interest for drawing came up,
along with some of my art up until now. Not everything will be represented, but a lot will be shown.

I will start with represent the art, and I will try to maintain a history line.
So the oldest ones will come first and then it will slowly move down the line and my newest art will be represented.

My art style was, at first, filled with messages. I found it important to create art which had some sort of message within in. It was a time of my life, were I mentally wasn't well, which is the cause of the rather sad art I created back then. I consider a lot of my art from back then as very private and some of it is still very hard on me to expose. I'm still not ready to show you my most private drawings. I'm sorry that I can't do that.
I still have a lot to show you though! So enjoy :-)

Chad Michael Murray

I'm very sorry for the wrong posture.. It was right on the computer, then this Blog changed it <.<
This is an early drawing of mine. This one is dated 16/08 2008. 

Another drawing, dated 17/08 2008. Not very good xD
After a bad break up i had.

No date, but around same time as the following drawings, and those before.
Text: Some one need to be the last
(Grammar check is needed!, I know there is some wrongs parts xD)

No game without the players
Dated the 18/08 2008

All have a dark side (damn my English sucked back then!)
Also from 18/08 2008

Take the hand when you still can
also 18/08 2008

the text is wrong.. But its about keeping the flame alive :-)
from 8 november 2008

People always get(s) hurt
1/10 2008
Have become a symbol of all my drawings from that time around.

 Then.. These are some of my present art.

For a school project (I got an A for it!) It's not that great though.
There is no date, but it is from around  2010 in April or May..

The duck is also from a school project :-)
It's kind of cute.. hehe
Same date as the Lion.

Kitty Cat
The face got wierd...There is no date on this either.
But it is a year old or so.
It's drawn with sketchpencil

A Rose
Drawn with sketch pencil

A puppy!
Drawn with sketch pencil

28/08 2012
Drawn with Derwent watersoluble pencils

Portrait of my dog Coco
28/08 2012
Derwent sketch pencil

Portrait of my other dog Kenai.
28/08 2012
Also with Derwent sketching pencils

Realistic eye.
06/07 2012
Sketch pencils

Tried to Draw Avril Lavigne
Went not so good.
From the 05/09 2012
For this I used Charcoal, ligth, medium and dark.
and one tinted charcoal: White.

A Fox.
Drawn with drawing colorpencils form derwent.

Those were my 'normal drawings' Lately I've got an interest for manga and manga drawings (along with manga reading and anime)

Manga Guy, Half naked (heheheh)
It's rather new, but I can't see the date..
I'll update you with the date later.
Sketchpencil from derwent

Sorry for the naked content....
But I gave up drawing the shirt, and then she turned out naked.
And cryings.... Looks like she is being harassed!
Colorsoft from Derwent

Another Manga guy, crying.
I didn't colour the shirt, since I just practised the hair and skin.
Sketchpencil and promarkers

Girl (not so manga-ish) inspiret from "Sukitte ii na yo".
Drawn with Derwent Inktense pencils

Fan art of Momo from "Peach Girl"
I'm rather proud of this one ^^
Sketching Pencil

Fan art: naruto.
I mistakenly coloured his eyebrows Black, and then I was like
"Screw this, His going to be Black haired"
So it became a Naruto with Black hair :-)
Coloured with promarkers

Random dude.
His neck got too thick.
Coloured with promakrers

Random dude 2
Coloured with promarkers

Inspiret from Sophiechan's "Girl in Kimono"
Please check out her blog: http://www.myanimediary.com/
She is an amazing artist!
Coloures with promarkers

Fan art: Naruto.
dated: 29/04 2013
Coloured with promarkers

Old manga drawing. One of my first.
drawn with sketch pencils

Inspirered from "Nabari No Ou"
No date on this, but it is from early 2012

When and why did I start drawing?
As any other kid, I draw alot. Mostly horses though. I don't think I ever stopped drawing, but I started to became serious when I was around 15.
I watched "One Three Hill" and became inspirered of the Peyton characters art. Thats why my early drawings is mostly with messages.
Then I stopped drawing for a while, and in 2012, I became very serious Again.
I bought Charcoal and Sketching pencils, in some set, and started drawing.
But I became aware of the quality of the amateur sets i bought. Then I started searching for a brand. That was when I came across the brand "derwent" and i fell madly inlove with it!

Now I own a bunch of their stuff and I simply love it!

I simply love drawing. Thats why i started, I've always loved it. I like to be creative, and i Express it through drawing, painting, music (piano and violin) and writing.

When did I start with the manga then?
My boyfriend made me Watch Naruto, even though I was alot against it. But then... It got me.
And I started to Watch other animes as well. After I watched "Fuits basket" I became very dissapointed with the ending... I wasn't very open to the idea of reading Manga, but since it was so recommanded, I tried "Fruits basket" manga. And then I started to read manga as well..

I love the manga art style. It is challengening, and I really want to become better at it.
So my future art will probaly mostly consits of Manga ^^

I will edit this blog later on, since I need to update some dates on the drawings..
I'm probaly also going to write a blog and list aaaaall my tools. But that will be later on.

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