Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My art tools!

Hi guys!

So I promised to do an introduction to my art tools ^^ So I went ahead today and took a lot of pictures for you :D I will let you know what the stuff it and where I have bought it :-)

Before starting with the art.. I will tell you that I'm actually quite good in the kitchen too ^^
I was supposed to go on a picnic with my friend today, but it have been raining ALL day! I'm serious.. It haven't stop at all yet O.o!
But I was creative in the kitchen and cooked Japanese bento for us :D

Rice balls with soy sauce and sesame seeds.
Cucumber and avocado salad with sesame seeds as well.
Sushi rolls with either cucumber or avocado.
Sushi in-side-out rolls with smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds.
Then: my favorite! Tamagoyaki (sweet japanese omelet)
Soy sause
Salad with lettuce and tomatos ^^
It was delicious! So said my friend xD
So even though it was rainy.. We had a good time.

On to the business!

This is derwent sketchbooks in 3 different sizes. (A3, A4, A5) I love these!
They actually got a pocket inside them to store the drawings ^^
I actually don't remember where i bought these.. I think it was amazon?
Anyway, I'm pretty sure you should be able to find it there :D (for europeans)
Or try the american one.. But I don't shop from there :-) I will like to avoid extra taxes! 

Here is a number of different marker paper.
The two to the upper right is letraset bleed proof paper. Its A4 and weight 70g.
even though its bleed proof, you can see the drawing very clearly on the backside..
But it DON'T bleed to other paper underneath ^^ 
I also got that one in A3 (as you see, lying underneath the other paper pads)
the one to the left is also from letraset. It's a bit thicker, so you can't see through the paper :-)
This is espacially for drawing manga/comic books. Its called comic marker pad.
At the very bottom you see marker paper from "Papierfabrik Schoellershammer" which is deutch. Its 75g. and 75 sheets.
The letraset is bought from both amazon and
The deutch marker paper pad is bought in an art store here in Denmark.
Their website is:
It's in danish though ^^

Here is my regular drawing blogs. The two at the top is from Denmark ^^
The one with the cat says "Sketch drawing" the other one says "Charcoal drawing"
Both of them were the first drawing kits i bought. The quality is very low, and therefor I just use them for
practicing. They are both in A4.
then I have my little drawing pad in A5 "Ritblock". It's easy to bring with me ^^ 
The drawing pad down to the left is.... I have no idea.. I inherited it from my grandmother.
 It says "Fabriano Disegno" Fogil Lisci and I guess it says A4?
But it is slightly bigger than a A4 paper..
  Then the last pad is also something that I got from my grandmother. It says "Kunstnerblok" which means artist pad ^^ 
The two pads at the very top, is bought in a local chain store in Denmark for some time ago. 
The little pad is bought somewhere in Sweden xD 

Two pads for watercolor.
Bought in Sweden. 
To the left is Canson aquarelle paper. it's 250 g/m2 in A4
To the right is water colour painting "professional series" from Biltema. (translated: cartheme. Chainstore in the Scandinavia)
it's 300 g/m2. Also slightly bigger than A4.

I bought a kit from derwent to see how their tools worked together. 
The set contained different kind of waterpencils

Here is the kit opened. Three artist have given each a painting you can draw after.
Then you get guided through a tutorial and learn how to use the pencils at different ways.
I bought this in a chain art store in Denmark.

this is my calligraphy pen set! It's amazing.. This is a picture of it closed.

And here is one where it's opened. It was some sort of fan accessory, I don't remember from what..
But I have long wanted a old-style calligraphy pen set, and this one wasn't too expensive!
Around 20 pound/ 10 dollars.  ^^
It's bought on amazon :-)

This is my small collection of copic ciao!
I love them.. I really need to get some more!
These are bought in ^^
These are the numbers I have:
YR00, E02, R00, E51, E21, E71, E37, E77,C1,C3,C5,C7 and 100

I got these today with the mail today! Bought from
These are the brush edition type of the promarker ^^
Just as the regular copic have a stiff small pen and a stiff wider pen, regular promarkers does as well..
But you can buy "flexmarkers" which have same kind of brush tip as copic markers, just slightly longer and less stiff.. But the difference isn't big! I'll give my fully opinion later.

This is all my charcoal.
The four to the left is from derwent. I believe I bought them in Sweden or else it was somewhere in Denmark.. You can get these on amazon for sure ^^
The ones in the middle is also from derwent, and is charcoal bars. These were with the charcoal pencils. 
and then there is those to the  right. They belonged to the charcoal kit that I bought (along with the charcoal pad)

These are all my liners.
First I have four (the left ones) liner in different sizes from faber castell.
I bought these on amazon. They come in set and the sizes are: xSmall, small, fine point and brush.
Then I have three from letraset, one was with one of my promarker sets and the other two I bought from their website. The sizes I have is: 0,3 0,5 and 0,7.
Last I have a copic one, which was in the black copic ciao marker set.

Different tools.. all from derwent ^^
Three paperstumps (left)
and two pencils from derwent, a burnisher and a blender.
I actually don't remember what the burnisher is for..
I have checked it online several times, but keeps forgetting it xD

This is my water brush.. It's ideal for water soluble pencils!
It's really great, and handy when you need to travel it.
It comes in two pieces. You can lock the piece where the water would be.
And then you can easily attach the brush side when needed!

Here you see the brush.

My most used tools I bet ^^
I found another paperstump.. So I actually got 4 of them O.o
Then I have regular erasers (two from derwent) and one, which I broke to two peices (woops)
Then I have an eraser which I can use for small difficult places (the pink thingy at the bottom)
Then I got kneaded eraser (the thing that looks like gum in the upper right corner..)
And a brush, which is actually an old make-up brush xD
Then I have several pencil sharpener. 
Most of this have been with a set of derwent pencils, or bought In stores.. The two big erasers from derwent is from amazon. 

These are aaaaaaall my promarkers xD I have 105.. gosh that's alot..
I don't really want to list all the markers up <.< But if you guys really want me to, just ask ^^
Otherwise, I have taken a picture of my scheme in which you can see all the colors :-)

I'm not sure if you can tell what it says xD 
But this is all my marker colors (not the flexmarkers though.. only promarkers)

Fine nip for promarkers ^^ bought on amazon (i think..)

Several rulers, in all kind of shapes. Something my father gave to me, so I can't really tell where to buy this..
Amazon or ebay, or local art store would be a great guess ^^

Old stuff I used as a kid when I was at my grandmother xD
(I liked blue alot.. Can you tell?)

All kind of softness/hardness in pencils from derwent :-)
I bought the academy one, because it was easy to travel with.
I bought them different places. The graphic hard and academy is from amazon.
I don't remember where I bought the graphic soft. I guess it was in Denmark.

Watersoluble pencils. First thing bought from derwent!
Bought it in an art store in Denmark ^^

I looooooove this one :D
The texture is really smooth.
Anyway. This is my drawing derwent colored pencils ^^
I bought this in Denmark too.. I guess that was my second or third thing to buy.

Watercolors. These are really great! These are bought in Denmark.
In Panduro. Check out their website! They have all sort of hobby things:

Metallic colors from derwent. 
Bought in Denmark

Sorry for the upsidedown.. I don't know what the heck blogger is doing xD
This is Inktense from Derwent. These are non and watersoluble pencils. They create really strong pictures!
 Also bought from :)
Coloursoft pencils from derwent.
These are from amazon xD i spend like 90 pound on these! Thats 45 dollars..
But I love them ^^

For now,I don't have anymore to show you.. I actually got a bunch of canvases and acryllic painting, along with brushes and stuff.. But I guess that will be some other time :-)
Hope you enjoyed it!

I will probably upload a speed drawing up on youtube! Just have to figure out moviemaker..
So go check out my youtube channel: TinaDitte

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