Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Update on manga art

Hi again everyone ^^

I know I just updated the blog with the tools, but I wanted to update you with my newest art as well :-)
So I put a video up on youtube! Go check it out!

So I practiced drawing male manga eyes, since I haven't ben very good at that.. Thank god the world for hacing Mark Crilley! Check out his youtube channel if you don't know him:

It turned out soooo much better!
This is just regular mechanical pencil. Nothing fancy...
I did use paper stump for the shading though ^^
This is from 16/05-13

On to my other work..
So I'm working on a story that I wanted to write..
It's not gonna be a manga! But I still wanted to get a better picture of how my characters is supposed to look 
That's making it so much easier for me to make the story line clear ;-)
Once I done I may be putting up some chapters here, but I think it's going to turn out quite long..

This is my main character Christine ^^
I used Derwent coloursoft to colour her :-)
And ball-point pen for her eyes, since the pencils wasn't powerful enough.

I Drawn another character but I wasn't very satisfied with how she turned out, so I guess I will start over
with her. 

On to my non-character designs..
This is the drawing that I drew for the youtube video.
My first attempt with Flexmarkers! Oh my god I love them!
I used copic ciao on her as well..
I must say.. It is really a tough question which one is best..
The brush is sligthly softer on the flexmarker, making it just a little harder to draw  dense..
But it is also easier to draw some nice natural lines, like in the hair.
But if I should choose between them... I must say I would choose copic..
Why? because you can refill them.. They are thinner and their brush is good for both natural lines,
and straight lines along with dense lines. And you can get them in much more colors than you can with flexmarkers. But... copic ciao cost more. It's not much though. 
A copic ciao cost (for me in Europe) around 4 pound. which is around 6 dollars. 
And a flexmarker is 2 pounds which is around 3 dollars..

The hair: Copic
The skin: Flex
The eyes: Copic, and flex (I think.. Or else its just copic..)
the shirt: copic

I used alot of copic on this one... hahah :D

First attempt with ciao markers.
Her skin looks... so yellow.. Gotta buy some better colors xD
20/05 2013

I don't have any more for you guys..
I'm thinking about buying a good webcam for recording some more timelapse drawings.
The one I have now sucks, and the sound is not following the pictures <.<
Any recommendations? 
I think the price should be around 30 pounds // 45 dollar more or less.

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