Friday, November 15, 2013

Faber-castell contest submission end

Hi guys :D

So today was the last day that you could submit your drawing for the faber-castell contest.
I send mine last Monday ^^ I'm satisfied with the end result.
For this upload I actually a bunch of stuff to show you.
- But before that...
My uncle went to the states, where he mostly would be on a cruise.. BUT he had three days in New York ^^ God I would love to see new york... I spoke with a New Yorker not too long ago in Denmark, and then I just wanted to go even more :O
Well, anyway, he brought me back 150 prisma colored pencils :') ......... IM SO FREAKING HAPPY!!! I haven't picked them up yet though.. Since they live 1 hour distance from me, but next weekend, I planned to make them a visit ^^ I can't wait to try them out!
Mostly of you know all ready that the faber castell contest required specific medias, you were only allowed to use pencils, colored pencils, water colored pencils or/and indian ink (you could combine them, if you wanted) And so I went for the colored pencils, but I am a true marker person, so I practiced A LOT with the colored pencils that I have (actually have quite a few) and tried to sketch out several different ideas. I found out that my artistic abillities really were at limit for the drawings that I actually wanted to do, and so I realised just how much practice I have to go before I can even consider making a manga... sigh.. But I won't let my artistic abillity reduce the quality of the manga.
I have been thinking, that I will practice a lot with my drawing tablet, since it will have to be on computer I do my manga, and so I have to get even more used to the tablet I have. That doesn't mean I won't create traditional art, I love using my markers, so I couldn't possible stop with them ^^ Just this month, I realized just have much I missed them :O Really... I just wanted to paint with markers, rather than coloring with colored pencils xD I just love the effect of markers.... Making you wanna question me why I have so many colored pencils, and why I just bought another pack?
Well, Many of the pencils I bought before I bought my markers... and the prismacolors are far from any normal pencil. I love my "Derwent drawing colored pencils" because of their soft texture, and I actually thought that the softcolor pencils from derwent as well had that soft texture, but unfortunately not.. I still like them ^^
I do plan to expand my material world, with all the pencils that I have, so I won't allow myself to stick with markers ^^ But I think I will invest in Markers more.

Another thing  is..... I have stylefile markers, and they are really amazing! But I do miss the brush nib from copic, and so I asked the firm whether or not they were making a brush nib version.. They said it would be here in october (last month) but I haven't heard a thing about it yet :O I sure hope they didn't gave up on the idea..
Even so, I still am a big fan of copic, even though they are overprised.

All right, now the uploads!

This is my submission for the faber castell contest.
I used indian ink, colored pencils and watercolor for the blood effect ^^
The topic was "Creature of the night"

This is my come back with markers xD
I know i messed up the arm and hand.. 
The character is the protagonist from "The crooked man" which is a horror game.
It is free, so go try it out ^^

This is a piece that I tried out, for the contest. I wasn't happy with it, so I didn't finish it ^^

Random line art. To practice line art, so the actual art is suffering a little, as you see XD

Another line art project

Random sketch

another random sketch

Practicing with colored pencils

Latest piece ^^ Did today.. I'm really happy with it :P
The background idea was from Izabela (dev:

I know I did say that I would show you the random pieces in my sketchbooks, but the truth is I haven't taken picture of it yet, and I must admit that I don't feel like doing it now at 11 pm..... So you'll have to wait till next time.. then I promise I will! See you guys!

Take Care
Tina Ditte

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