Thursday, October 24, 2013

such a cruel world!

You know what? It hurts like **** in my wrist ._.
I have chronic carpal tunnel syndrome  in my left wrist.. I have had that for like 3 years or so.
It didn't bother me that much, since I don't use my left hand THAT much. So it was easier to actually let it relax and wait for the inflammation to wear off ..
What? Why.. I use that hand for drawing you know <.< stupid wrists <.<
I tried to draw yesterday.. and that just hurted like crazy... NOT MY PRECIOUS RIGHT HAND BODY! You can get my left one.. now my riiight......

Okay.. I'm finished with complaining now :)
I do have some uploads for you guys. Only two though.

I am entering the faber castell contest "creatures of the night" I'll have to draw something withing the theme, and only specified tools are allowed. I am quite excited though! So I'm working at what I should draw ^^ 
I'm also working towards my mangas. I am still not sure whether to draw my mange with Kazuma, or another one.. I did make the first page from it, but... Aaargh, I want to kick ass so badly, that I feel like I need my artwork to improve a lot before..
So.. I don't know! I actually have another manga.. About the social status difference.
That could be awesome. 
Well, we will see!

This is my two uploads:

This is my practice for the contest. I have chose to draw with colored pencils, and since I am a marker person, I haven't used colored pencil for some time.. And I though that I needed the practice.
I know that this one is not perfect (wasn't my intension) but I think I did allright with the pencils ^^

 This is my pride.... hehe xD This is Eren J├Ąger from attack on titan!
I love this picture xD Seriously, I think I did very well.. Indeed.

I have thought about it, and I think for my next upload I will show you all those random sketches I have in my sketchbooks. Look forward to it!
Oh.. And I have no idea when my wrist decides to be normal again, so I am not sure when I can draw properly again -.-

See you guys!
Don't forget to check out my deviant:

And my youtube!

Epecially this one, with eren :I!!!

See you! take care!

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