Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A place where I belong

Hi guys!

So I haven't really been active here... But I have been busy with school ^^ I started a math course in Febuary, and is now half way through.. The last assignment I turned, was good enough for an A ^^ So I'm not nervous for the written exam in May :P I am for the oral in June though..
Anyway! besides math, I went to my first anime convention the last weekend in Marts! and it was AWESOME!
I've always felt a little out of place among the standard youth in Denmark. I never really belonged in that type of group... But among all those people, who share the same interest as me, was a bit crazy like me, I felt like I belonged there! It was amazing.. I finally felt I fitted in, and I didn't felt weird, even though I was in a cosplay xD
It was amazing meeting all sorts of open hearted people, whom just didn't gave a f*ck (sorry) for what others were thinking :3 .. I loved it..
I cosplayed as Lucy Heartfilia from fairy tail :3 It was so so so fun! Many stepped up to me and asked for hugs and pictures :O Such an amazing experience!
There is a convention in August, I'm going there too ^^

I have a couple of pictures I wanna share from the convention:
sorry it's blurry... My cosplay everyone :3



stuff :3

more stuff..

Takiyaki :D


Fantask shop :D

Plushiiiies <3

more plushies xD

Karate :D

Game room!

Artist alley, Artist showing their work ^^

Reika-san giving make-up tutorial :3

for more pictures visit this site for official pictures:

Sorry I've been a loooooong time writing this xD 
I'll take my leave for now, and update my blog on arts soon.

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