Monday, December 30, 2013

100 days drawing challenge update!

Hi guys!

So this will be the first update here on how it is going with my blog :-)
I must say... this is indeed a challenge! I should probably have picked a better time for doing this xD
Christmas have been hard on me... Lol.
Anyway, I will say that not only on time base, but also on an artistic base, it have indeed been a tough one.
And I still have a loooong way!

I have grown in these 28 days, I can see the improvements, and I have been told by many that I have grown. It makes me so happy! But I have also faced difficulties, and experienced poses that I have been needed to give up on, because of the time limit these days. That means that this have been a emotional roller coaster, where I actually have felt completely high by my abilities, and completely down because of the limits my skills yet have.
I can only say, that this challenge have been extreme useful for me! and I will recommend it to anyone who wish to grow artistic. It also got me to keep faithful to a schedule.. I actually surprised that I have been manage to keep it up, especially now that all this Christmas and new years stuff is around! There have been times when I had to skipped days, and draw like 3 pictures a day O.o...
This can be seen on some of the drawings... Some of them do really lack skills and fantasy xD But you'll have to forgive me...

After new years, I will have a lot more time to do this challenge. Actually till the 17th of February, I won't be doing anything (Because I just stopped my course, and are about to start on a math course, but it starts at the 17th February, and so I have nothing to do till then :P)
In this time I really plan out to use a lot more time on this challenge, and use a lot more time on each drawing.
Anyway! I'll be showing the pieces:
The first one is introduction. I used two of my characters of a manga that I have been thinking of ^^

The second one is "love"

3rd one is light

4rd one is dark
See what I meant by some of them were lacking? This one is......

5th one is seeking solace

6th one is break away

7th one is heaven (I am proud of the wings.. ^^)

#8 is Innocence 
and I am NOT using # as hashtag... when it is number <.<
Seriously.. why hashtags..

#9 is driving - as in "what is driving you towards your goal?"

#10 Breathe again.
I am really porud of this one xD

#11 is memories
Another one lacking :P

#12 Insanity
I am seriously proud of this one... Do you see how much it's kicking ass?!
Alucad is indeed insane... haha

#13 misfortune
I like how they placed misfortune as #13 :P haha
It is another one lacking

(I have no idea why... not on dev either...)

#15 is silence
I like this one :P

#16 questioning 
It's a chibiii!!!!!!! I like to draw them xD

#17 Blood
OMG i love this one as wel.. lol

#18 Rainbow
I know I probably was supposed to draw a colorful rain reflecting thingy..
But I chose to draw Mario from Rainbow instead xD He is hot :3
I haven't seen it yet, but something tells me that I will like him.... ;)

#19 Gray
Okay so I was a bit confrused by this... I wondered whether or not the spelling was right xD
In UK they write it "Grey" (for the tone) and mostly whole europe is using UK english, so therefor
I wasn't aware that USA was spelling it Gray, and there is only a few others that does it too..
Anyway, I thought for a while, and then I decided on drawing Gray Fullbuster.. I am watching fairy tail atm 
(but only 15 ep. or so xD)

#20 fortitude
Not much to say actually xD

#21 vacation
I wasn't sure whether or not to do this with a person in it, so I ended up just doing a scenery.

#22 Mother nature
This took FOREVER to do. But It turned out nicely ^^

#23 CAT
It was nice with a change of pace :D 

#24 no time
I like this one ^^

#25 Trouble lurking
This is the most lacking one by far xD
But really.. I was SO CLUELESS on this one! and I found out - I suck at scenery! lol xD

#26 tears..
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............................... I am reading gengeki daisy atm and I saw this
one.... And I really wanted to draw him :3 he is so cute :3 .

#27 Foreign
I didn't know what to draw... When you say foreign, all I think of is countries different from your own xD
But I learned that it can mean alot of other things as well :O So I went with Lucy from elfen lied ^^

#28 Sorrow.
I have no idea why this one is upside down.. on the computer it's normal O.o
But as soon as I upload it, it turns out this way O.o......... annoying

So that was it for now :D I will be uploading sometime at the end of January again ^^
Have a great new years guys! I wish you all kind of luck in 2014 !
See you :-)!

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